User privacy statement

Welcome to use services from Tomatofun Ineractive!

1) protect account security

After successful registration, our company will give each user one user account and corresponding password, which shall be kept by the user. The user shall be liable for all activities and events conducted on the account of the user. We will use existing technology to try our best to prevent the loss, theft or tampering of users' personal data. If a user's personal data is lost, stolen, or tampered with, the company's website provides users with corresponding remedies to help them recover the data and repair the tampered data.

2) provide user services

Some of the services provided by our company are paid services, and users need to pay a certain fee to use the paid services. For the paid service, the company will give the user a clear reminder before the user USES the service, and the user can use the paid service only if the user confirms that he is willing to pay the relevant fee according to the prompt. If the user refuses to pay the relevant fees, the company has the right not to provide such charging services to the user.

3) protect user privacy

Protection of user privacy is a basic policy of our company. Our company guarantees that it will not disclose or provide to third parties the registration information of a single user and the non-public content stored on the company's website when using network services, except the following situations:

A. obtain clear authorization from the user in advance;

B. Subject to relevant laws and regulations;

C. according to the requirements of relevant government authorities;

D. To protect the interests of the public;E. provide better service to users.

Unless specially prescribed otherwise, the following terms used in this agreement shall be defined as follows:

1.1. Agreement shall mean the text of this agreement, any game rules, and/or any modified versions of this agreement or game rules, such modifications deemed an integral part of this agreement upon their official release. In the event this agreement is inconsistent with any law, regulation, and/or policy of the country/area where the game is released, the provisions of such law, regulation, and/or policy shall prevail and deemed a part of this agreement.

1.2. Tomatofun Ineractive Service shall mean any online game-related operation service which is provided by Tomatofun Ineractive to you.

1.3. Tomatofun Ineractive Elements shall include the text, image, audio, video, icon, interface design, layout framework, related data and/or electronic documentation, etc.

1.4. You: (also known as "player" or "user") shall refer to the natural person who is authorized to use the Tomatofun Ineractive products and services.

1.5. Game Data shall mean all data which are generated during your playing of Tomatofun Ineractive and recorded by the server, including, but not limited to, game logs, security logs, and similar data.

1.6. Virtual Items shall include, but is not limited to, the virtual currency, props, equipment, materials and/or similar items contained in any Tomatofun Ineractive.

1.7. User Information shall include your registration information in the real-name registration system, the data under your game account, and any other information collected based on security considerations, user experience/optimization, and/or other factors in the use of a Tomatofun Ineractive Service.

  Article II Statement on Intellectual Property Rights

2.1 Tomatofun Ineractive shall be deemed the owner of any Tomatofun Ineractive and any Tomatofun Ineractive as well as the owner of any and all intellectual property rights related to any Tomatofun Ineractive and any Tomatofun Ineractive, except for the rights that are owned by a third party in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, or other agreements.

2.2 All property and intellectual property rights in Game Data created in connection with the use of anyTomatofun Ineractive Service shall be deemed to belong to Tomatofun Ineractive. Tomatofun Ineractive has the exclusive right to dispose of any Game Data.

2.3 This Agreement shall not be deemed as licensing or transferring to You any rights and/or interests related to any Tomatofun Ineractive 。

2.4 If any intellectual property right contained in a Tomatofun Ineractive or in Tomatofun Ineractive Game Elements is owned by a third party, You shall use such intellectual property rights in the manner prescribed by this Agreement. In the event, any third party were to bring an intellectual property infringement action against You due to your breach of this Agreement or for any other reasons unrelated to this Agreement, You shall bear responsibility for any such claim and shall compensate for any losses inflicted on Happy Elements.

Article III Registration, Use, and Preservation of a Game Account

3.1 Game account registration

(1). If You wish to use and enjoy a Happy Game, You must accept this Agreement, complete the registration procedures in accordance with the requirements of any applicable laws and/or regulations, and complete the requirements set out on the registration page, including, but not limited to, correctly inputting the basic materials and information. The user commits that he or she will register with his or her true identity, accepts identity verification, including, but not limited to, a true identity verification procedure carried out by Tomatofun Ineractive or a third party assigned by Tomatofun Ineractive, and guarantees that the materials and information provided are true, complete, and effective, and that the user shall undertake all corresponding legal responsibilities for the information provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and this agreement.

(2). After the successful registration, You will receive the corresponding account and password information. You can then log into the game.

(3). In the event You refuse to provide the corresponding materials and information in accordance with our requirements or the materials and information provided do not conform to our requirements, Tomatofun Ineractive has the right to refuse to provide any related service or undertake any obligation. If there is any change in the materials and information provided by You, You should timely update Tomatofun Ineractive. In the event your identity cannot be proved, such as if your game account information is not timely updated, Tomatofun Ineractive has the right to refuse to provide any information or undertake any obligation under this Agreement.

(4). You hereby acknowledge that pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, your rights are limited to using only the game account established by You, not any other right. For the avoidance of doubt,you hereby acknowledge, confirm, and agree that any ownership rights in any game account, including, but not limited to, the one established by You, belong to Tomatofun Ineractive.

Article IV The collection, usage and protection of User Information; Privacy Policy

4.1 You agree and authorize Tomatofun Ineractive for the purpose of performance of this agreement to collect and use your User Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy published by Tomatofun Ineractive at Tomatofun Ineractive agrees to collect and use your User Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy, this agreement and applicable laws and regulations.

4.2 If You disclose your property accounts, bank cards, credit cards, corresponding passwords and other important materials or information to any third party (i.e. anyone other than Tomatofun Ineractive) when using Tomatofun Ineractive Game Service, You shall bear any resulting losses.

Article V Tomatofun Ineractive Game and Tomatofun Ineractive Game Service

5.1 You may only use the Tomatofun Ineractive game service for non-commercial purposes and in accordance with this Agreement, for the following activities, including:

(1) Receiving, downloading, installing, starting, upgrading, logging-in, displaying, operating and/or taking screenshots of a Happy Elements game;

(2) Creating game characters, setting net-names, referring to the rules of a game, creating user profiles and reviewing game results, setting up game parameters, appropriately using the chat function and the function of social sharing, and purchasing, using and presenting virtual items of a game in an appropriate manner.

(3) To use one or several functions supported and allowed by a Tomatofun Ineractive game.

Any unauthorized installing, use, access, display, running and/or transfer shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement.

In case of any opinions or suggestions on this Agreement or Tomatofun Ineractive Game and Tomatofun Ineractive Game Service, You can contact Tomatofun Ineractive Customer Service Department, and we will timely give You the necessary help. The contact information is as follows:


Effective Date:2018.8.8